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Mens Health Magazine – interview (August 16, 2011) with Kasey Panetta about celebrating the holidays without gifts ( December, 2011 issue). and/or – interview with Beth Gilbert for two articles: “How to Let Your Kids Fail-the Right Way” and “Things Parents Should Never Say Around Kids”. August, 2011. Continue reading

Conferences & Presentations

2016 American Psychological Association Conference

APA Conference Group

American Psychological Association Conference 2016

Legal One: Creating Effective Section 504 Plans: It’s Not as Easy as You Think!
2015, November 6


Drs. Fred & Laurie Zelinger, David Nash, Esq., Jacob S Feldman, Esq. and Karen Siris

“Adapting Short-term Play Therapy Interventions in a Small Group Setting for Students with Speech/Language and Social Difficulties”. Poster presentation with AT (intern) at annual conference of New York Association for Play Therapy. Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, Poughkeepsie, New York (2012, March)

“From Silence to Speech: A Case Study in Overcoming Selective Mutism”. Workshop given at annual international conference of the Association of Play Therapy. InterContinental Hotel, Dallas Texas. (2008, October)

“DIAL-3 Predictive Validity for Academic Achievement: a Longitudinal Correlation Analysis”. Poster presentation with intern, MB, at annual conference of National Association of School Psychologists, New Orleans, Louisiana. (2008, February)

Videos & TV Appearances

Dr. Laurie Explains Tonsils and Adenoids to Kids…

Please Explain “Terrorism” to Me

Dr. Laurie Zelinger explains Terrorism to children (4:47)

Dr. Laurie Zelinger reads from her storybook about a boy who learns about a terrorism event on TV and becomes upset by this and other events in his life. Because his parents are prepared for his questions, he learns that people are out every day helping to keep him safe and he can contribute to safety too! November 5, 2017 (9:49)

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Dr. Laurie Zelinger is a frequent contributor to the media. As a Media Referral Service member of American Psychological Association, and former Media Ambassador for the New York State Psychological Association, Dr. Zelinger is available for interviews that share information about childhood issues with the public. She and her psychologist husband, Dr. Fred, often work as a team when providing journalists with the clinical information they are seeking. Continue reading