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Dr. Laurie Zelinger is a frequent contributor to the media. As a Media Referral Service member of American Psychological Association, and former Media Ambassador for the New York State Psychological Association, Dr. Zelinger is available for interviews that share information about childhood issues with the public. She and her psychologist husband, Dr. Fred, often work as a team when providing journalists with the clinical information they are seeking.

The following sample represents a partial list of her most recent contributions and shows the range of venues and topics of her media interviews. Dr. Zelinger also wrote a column which she developed for the New York State Association of Play Therapy Newsletter, called “Grin and Share It,” where she shared humorous anecdotes about her contacts with children and their parents (of course changing names and any identifying data). Dr. Zelinger welcomes additional opportunities to help the public through media.

Magazines, Newspapers & Newsletters

MomZette. “How This Divisive Election Season Affects Our Kids”, by Deirdre Reilly (2016, Oct 21)

Nassau Herald. “Educating kids about terrorism using ‘P-E-A-R-L-S’” by Diana Colapietro (2016, Sept 7)

MomZette. ‘Please Explain Terrorism to Me’ offers kids wisdom, reassurance, conversation by Deirdre Reilly (2016, Sept 6)

Newsday  “Dealing with first-day anxiety over taking the bus to school” by Beth Whitehouse. (2016, August 31)

MomZette. “Why Parents (Still) Support Spanking” by Deirdre Reilly. (2016, January)

Parent & Child Magazine. “Keeping It Real” An interview about children and media devices.

Play Therapy Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 4 (2014, December). “Utilizing Short-term Play Therapy Interventions to Develop Social Skills in SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS” Pages 13-16

Newsday. “Tips to Help Transition to a New School Year” by Beth Whitehouse in Newsday
(2015, July 2).

Newsday Kids. “baaack to school” by Beth Whitehouse, pages B8-9 (2014, August 20).

Newsday parental guidance “When to stop letting kids win at games” by Beth Whitehouse (2013, July 17) page B12.

Newsday Kids. “June bugged. It’s a busy month, parents: Here are some ways to cope” by Beth Whitehouse, pages B8-B9 (2012, June 6).

Parents Magazine “Teach Your Child to Love a Sport” by Cynthia Hanson (2012, April).

Online Contributions “What to do When Your Kid is a Follower” By Maricar Santos (July 28, 2016)

HealthZette, Health. Explained. “Obese Americans on Thin Ice” article by Dierdre Reilly (2015, October).

“Easing a Child’s Fears in a Scary World: 6 things a parent can do” by Danielle Braff in the Chicago Tribune (2015, October 13).

MomZette, Parenting. Explained. “Anxious Kids Don’t Make the Grade” article by Dierdre Reilly (2015, September).

“How Pretend Play Makes Children Smarter (and what you can do to encourage it)” by Melanie G in (2015, August 14).

Self Esteem Shop “Meet the Author” interview. “Meet Laurie Zelinger” (2015, August 1) – “8 Games to Play with Kids” by Rebecca Desfosse (2015, May). – “Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Spank a Child?” by Ericka Souter (2015, April 8). – “5 Unique Car Games for Girls” by Sabine Schmidt. (2015, April).

Yahoo Parenting – “The Serious Problem Involving Kids and Rejection” by Sasha Brown-Worsham (2014, December 23).

“Putting an End to Battles with Your Kids” in Pediatric Safety. Article by Cynthia Hanson (2014, February 5).

Psychology Today “Going to School with Misophonia” Wendy Aron (2013, September 9).

Teaching “Understanding Your Unique Role: Child Psychology for Teachers” by Jessica Merritt (2013, May 14).

Everyday Health “What the (bleep)! 10 things parents should not say around children” Beth Gilbert (2013, April 5).

Essence Magazine “Get Lifted: How to identify Your Child’s Talents” Lakeia Brown (2013, January 21).

USA Today. “Buy everything or buy nothing days” Al Neuharth (2012, November 23).

Special Needs Book Review – Interview with Dr. Laurie Zelinger: Advice on Anxiety in Children (2012, October).

American Profile “How to Involve Children in Everyday Errands” Samantha Johnson (2012, July 25).

CBS News Money Watch “Making ‘Bring your child to work day’ meaningful”. Amy Levin-Epstein (2012, April 25). “Are You Going Overboard with Gifts?” Maria Ricapito (2012, Feb).

“Grin and Share It” – a humor column developed and written for each edition of the quarterly newsletter of the New York Association for Play Therapy; NYAPT News (Feb. 2008 thru 2013).

Good Housekeeping magazine “3 Ways to Master the Morning Rush”. Nicole Yorio.


The Sound Research, Inc. Rachel Martin. Expert panelist on topic of humor. Live interview filmed. (2012, March 2).


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