Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family

Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family: Healing Little Hurts and Booboos is an adorable, colorful, engaging, educational and universal book that captures the interest of young children, while using clever language that also appeals to adults.

Children will:

    • Learn some basic first aid terms and the use of various pharmaceutical supplies to address minor injuries. A glossary is provided to support the storyline.
    • Experience a self-esteem boost in seeing that even small children can be given important jobs that help others.
    • Understand that they can manage short separations from their parents and still be all right.
    • Recognize that waiting for something they want can be difficult.


“Dr Zelinger’s Baby Bandage is another must-have for parents, health professionals, educators, and all who love or care for children. Her endearing characters, engaging and age-appropriate story, and accompanying parent notes help to alleviate the anxiety and fear often associated with childhood injuries while reinforcing the family values of love, empathy, and resiliency.”
— Darlene Glasser, RN, MSED, Retired school nurse

“I absolutely loved Baby Bandage! Dr. Zelinger’s characters and fun illustrations take the fear out of ‘booboos’ and all the things associated with them. In addition, her skillful storytelling weaves in essential lessons on confidence, patience, and recognizing the important roles we all play in this world. Baby Bandage is a wonderful resource for parents and educators alike.
— Linda Abraham MLS, Peninsula Public Library

“Dr. Zelinger creates a make-believe world where first aid remedies are personified. Through story and illustration, children enter this world and discover that bandages come in all sizes, colors, and shapes and have different and important roles. Young children love covering their ouchies; this story will hold their attention and teach them valuable lessons. As an early childhood educator and a grandma, I recommend Baby Bandage to encourage dialogue about little hurts and booboos.”
— Barbara Alster, MS, early childhood education teacher

“One of the most challenging things to do is to break down medical concepts to toddlers and preschool children. Not only does Dr. Laurie accomplish this in Baby Bandage, but she makes it enjoyable and consequently retainable for children. A knowledgeable child is less fearful both in the office and at home, and armed with information, always shows curiosity for future learning.”
— Zev Ash, MD, F.A.A.P., pediatrician

“Dr. Zelinger’s work with children continues to be amazing. Our grandchildren love Baby Bandage, love wearing adhesive bandages and are now learning how medical materials are important and can be fun. I will certainly recommend this book to other families.”
— Lisa and Bob Topal

Baby Bandage offers a gentle introduction to children about first aid and wound care. The illustrations are colorful, engaging, and provide easy visualization and understanding for a young reader. The ‘Bandage Family’ is relatable and is a pleasurable analogy to read!
— Courtney Juma, Certified Physician’s Assistant (PA-C), urgent care center

“After reading Zelinger’s delightful book Baby Bandage, I plan to carry it in my ‘Granny’ bag along with the other must-haves-toys, band-aids(TM), wipes and plenty of hugs. It is great to know that while we can’t always protect our kids from every cut and scrape, we have the resourceful Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family to help us out. And what is better for healing than band-aids(TM) and laughter!”
— Lauren E. Persons, author of What Happened to Chester? An En-deer-ing Tale of Hope and Healing

“Not only does Baby Bandage provide basic medical information to prepare young children for the inevitable ‘booboos’ while exploring their world, it has several other important messages within. Children will learn that everyone has a purpose no matter how small and their role in their family has meaning. I also love the diversity of the Bandage family and how important they are to each other. Dr. Zelinger provides a humorous story that children of all ages will find entertaining and meaningful.”
— Kim Larkins, LCSW, author of Practicing Mindfulness: Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo’s Activity and Coloring Book for Kids

“As a child psychotherapist and Mom to an active preschool-age son, Baby Bandage is of great value to me! Being able to explain the natural process of bodily healing, along with the functional purpose of the many items we routinely stock our shelves with, is so helpful to our curious little ones. Another wonderful resource from Dr. Laurie Zelinger!”
— Jillian Kelly-Wavering, LCSW, RPT-S, author of My Grief Is Like the Ocean: A Story for Children Who Lost a Parent to Suicide

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