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Dr. Laurie Zelinger has done it again with another excellent child and parent friendly book that helps to allay fears and empower families and professionals with the tools to help children develop healthy coping skills. I Hate Shots addresses the very real and all-too-common fear of injections. This book has it all: a relatable and simple yet engaging text in rhyme that is fun to read aloud, as well as colorful illustrations that provide an honest and relatable depiction of the emotions involved. It includes a detailed parent guide providing clear cut science-based strategies to assist all caregivers.
As an experienced nurse and health educator, I see I Hate Shots as a “must have” resource for all caregivers, educators and health professionals.
Darlene Glasser, RN, MSEd


This book fills a need to relieve childhood fears and anxieties before receiving a shot. Dr. Zelinger writes so children understand. The poem format for the children’s part is fun and easy to read. Her suggestions for pediatricians and parents to help reduce fear are creative and easy to do. For example, play doctor with role reversals, magnify the skin pores and compare to needle skin holes, numbing cream, and puppet play. Dr. Zelinger explains how less fear means less anxiety, which leads to less pain. A must read for parents, children and pediatricians.
Allan M. Rothenberg, MD,FAAP, Pediatrician Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Expert, Pediatrics Disability, Social Security Administration

Dr. Zelinger wrote a much needed, timely book for children who hate shots and their parents who have to handle their reactions. She is very adept at explaining difficult concepts to kids with caring, warmth and humor. The appealing story and colorful pictures blend together in a child-friendly scenario that enables children to address and conquer their fears. The Parent/Caregiver guide carefully explains common terms, the prevalence of needle-related fears, heritability, and temperament issues. Dr. Zelinger’s recommendations for parents are extremely helpful and creative, providing them with very useful tools to address specific fears. I look forward to using her book with both patients and family members.
Gale Grobstein, Ph.D Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Laurie Zelinger’s “Please Explain Vaccines to Me because I HATE SHOTS!” is absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend that children and their parents read it prior to appointments with their physicians and dentists. As a pediatric dentist, I have seen so many of the techniques that Dr. Zelinger describes work well for my patients. I have often wished for a book like this for patients that have come ill prepared for injections. I am so glad that now there is such a book, and I will certainly be recommending it to my patients and their parents.

Brittany Schorr DDS
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

“I HATE SHOTS” is a book that every parent will want to read to their child before getting a shot.  It demystifies vaccinations with language that a child will both understand and want to question further.  “I HATE SHOTS” also gives both children and parents the language they need to express their anxiety about the process and the tools to lessen that anxiety.  I look forward to recommending this book in my practice as well as reading it to my own children. It gets 5 stars!
Yael Kula, MSW, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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