Dr. Fred’s Therapeutic Services


The focus of Dr. Zelinger’s private practice is on helping individuals, couples, and families to improve or enhance the complicated relationships that so often impact their quality of life. The combinations are diverse and changing, involving: interactions with schools, careers, social needs, family function, and the relationship of individuals, couples or families to their surrounding environment. This focus on establishing effective relationships has resulted in a very eclectic and diverse client population seeking his support. At any given time, Dr. Zelinger might be working with: child behavior at home and school, parenting, dating, career decisions, educational decisions, loss, sandwich generation issues, marital concerns, the process of divorce, and any aspect of life that involves understanding the dynamics of relationships in order to develop coping strategies.

The first step in this process is determining whether the “fit” between therapist and client is workable, and whether the client’s area of concern is one where Dr. Zelinger’s experience and training is applicable. An initial 3-session commitment allows both sides of the therapeutic relationship to examine the effectiveness of the process, and to establish clear goals and objectives. The overriding goal of this approach is for the client to develop strategies and understanding that will lead to improved independent functioning. Simply stated, the hope is that the need for therapy will be short-term with practical solutions and acquisition of long-term problem solving skills. We have the potential to be our own best therapist as individuals or families by developing the tools and understandings needed for effective self-management. Dr. Zelinger’s approach to therapy is grounded in a pragmatic and common sense view of life, with his specific training and experience utilized to assist personal growth.

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