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The focus of Dr. Zelinger’s private practice is on helping individuals, couples, and families to improve or enhance the complicated relationships that so often impact their quality of life. The combinations are diverse and changing, involving: interactions with schools, careers, social needs, family function, and the relationship of individuals, couples or families to their surrounding environment. Continue reading

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Interview Discussing Anxiety and the Coronavirus

(March, 2020)

“Humans have always experienced anxiety as a defense mechanism to danger,” says Fred Zelinger, a Cedarhurst psychologist. “Anxiety is fundamentally a survival need. If something worries us, we end up doing something to be safe, to avoid the danger,” he says.

In an interview with Newsday during the pandemic, Fred commented, “But it’s no longer a sabre-toothed tiger that’s the threat,” Zelinger says. “Now it’s COVID-19, and the ‘doing something’ might be frantically searching for hand sanitizer or stocking up on food in case of a quarantine.”

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Dr. Fred Zelinger was nominated by his peers for the prestigious award as
the Doctor of Distinction in Psychology for 2014 on Long Island.
Dr. Fred, front row left
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