Please Explain Divorce to Me

Please Explain Divorce to Me

Because My Parents Are Breaking Up

Because divorce or separation in cohabitating relationships is a family event, this book was written for both children and adults. Gently telling their children that they will be getting a divorce, a mother and father share their family story: the journey from their happy wedding day, through the conflict at present and into the near and reassuring future. The book’s second half highlights important tips and insights for parents.

Children will:

  • Learn about the divorce process
  • Find out that their own parents’ divorce is not their fault
  • Discover that parents divorce each other; they do not divorce their children
  • Be comforted knowing they are still part of a family who loves them
  • Understand what it is like to have two homes

Parents will:

  • Have a framework for telling their children they are getting a divorce
  • Hear the common questions children ask
  • Learn the DOs and DON’Ts regarding their own behavior
  • Improve the likelihood of creating a healthier divorce
  • Understand their children’s reactions and support their emotions


With divorce rates increasing regardless of martial demographics such as age, income, education levels, etc., Please Explain Divorce to Me by child psychologist Laurie Zelinger is an invaluable and timely instructional and informational resource to use by divorcing and divorced parents with children 8-12 years of age — as well as social workers, marriage counselors, and divorce mediators.
— Julia Summers, Midwest Book Review

In her latest book, Please Explain Divorce to Me, Dr. Laurie Zelinger once again delivers a high-quality, psychologically informed and child-friendly narrative. With her years of experience, Dr. Zelinger expertly navigates the sensitive topic of divorce, providing young readers with a compassionate and understanding perspective. The book’s engaging storytelling, complemented by vibrant illustrations, encourages open dialogue and empowers children to navigate, with resilience and comprehension, the emotional complexities of divorce. In addition to its benefits for children, Please Explain Divorce to Me serves as an invaluable resource for parents, offering guidance and practical suggestions on how to approach divorce-conversations with their children, making it a comprehensive tool for the entire family.
— Sarah Becker, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Premium Health Center, Brooklyn, NY

The message of Dr. Zelinger’s book echoes our primary goal as divorce mediators – to assist divorcing couples to create a healthier, non-adversarial separation for the entire family. Dr. Zelinger provides parents a thoughtful, well-planned approach to gently – albeit directly – prepare their children for the news of their divorce. Please Explain Divorce to Me is likely to become an invaluable resource for parents to help guide them through these challenging conversations. I look forward to sharing this essential resource with the families I work with in mediation.

— Maren Cardillo, Esq., Divorce Mediation Professional

Finally… a call to arms for parents who wish to “do it right” in navigating their children through the divorce process. Kudos to Dr. Zelinger, as she provides an excellent model for parents to follow of how to present to their children the often foreign and confusing concept of divorce. The book also provides parents with a “cookbook,” so desperately needed, of the dos and don’ts of good parenting while going through the divorce process. Throughout the book, the underlying message to parents is to “parent up” for their children’s sake.
— Dr. David Lutwin, Clinical Social Worker

The highest praise for Laurie Zelinger and her easy-to-read book, Please Explain Divorce to Me. As a divorce lawyer for more than 20 years, I have found that one of the most challenging issues my clients face is how to best tell their children.  Laurie’s book makes it easier and highlights the importance of being straight with your children, making them feel loved and secure in the face of this new configuration.  It reminds parents that when they work together as a team for the best interest of their kids, they help set the stage for their children’s good mental health for many years to come. When parents do not work together and speak ill of each other in front of their children, they make their children feel disloyal when they miss the other parent. Reading this book together with your children is a great first step to the rest of their lives and yours.
— Judith White, Esq., specializing in divorce litigation, mediator and parent coordination

I have had the honor and pleasure of editing for the publisher, Loving Healing Press, all of Dr. Laurie Zelinger’s Please Explain illustrated children’s books. Like the other books in the series, this book will delight, captivate and educate children caught in a serious situation—in this case, the divorce of their parents—while, at the same time, educating parents how to navigate through the process in a way that minimizes harm to the child. It is an added bonus that following her (research-based) advice will also minimize harm to the separating couple.
— Bob Rich, Ph.D., author of 19 books, including From Depression to Contentment: A Self-therapy Guide

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