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How to speak to children about Alzheimer’s disease

This is a captivating video where Dr. Zelinger is interviewed by Jay Asparro and Jennifer Fraum from the Long Island Alzheimers and Dementia Center. Dr. Zelinger discusses her children’s picture book, “Please Explain Alzheimer’s to Me: a children’s story and parent handbook about dementia” and how this disease has impacted her life, personally. In this video, you will hear a sampling of pages from the story, while also getting to see illustrations of the brain that help children understand the plaque and tangles that are making grandma forgetful. As a child psychologist, Dr. Zelinger shares examples of questions children commonly ask and she provides sample answers and scripts that a parent or grandparent can use when having these difficult conversations with kids. The book has been warmly and widely well received, as its illustrations are colorful, the story line relatable to children, and the parent handbook complete, yet not overpowering. The book is based on empirically derived research which explains the course of the disease while supporting the patient as well as the caregiver. We hope you find the video entertaining and informative.

Please Explain “Alzheimer’s Disease” To Me

Dr. Laurie Talks About Coronavirus to Kids …

I made this video to help children understand how to stay safe and to give them a sense of control during this pandemic. This video is made for children to watch directly, with the hopes that they will be engaged in order to comprehend what is going on around them.

Dr. Laurie Explains Tonsils and Adenoids to Kids …

Please Explain “Terrorism” to Me

Dr. Laurie Zelinger Explains Terrorism to Children

Dr. Laurie Zelinger reads from her storybook about a boy who learns about a terrorism event on TV and becomes upset by this and other events in his life. Because his parents are prepared for his questions, he learns that people are out every day helping to keep him safe and he can contribute to safety too! November 5, 2017 (9:49)

Psychiatric Drugs for Babies

Dr. Zelinger was interviewed on December 23, 2015 as a childhood expert in this RT News Interview, regarding the article that appeared in the New York Times, “Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics” by Alan Schwarz. December 10, 2015.

WPIX, Channel 11 news. Interview about playground bullies on their “Mom’s the Word” segment. August 21, 2013.

Explaining “Ebola” to Children

Dr. Laurie and her psychologist son, Jordan, created a 6.5-minute simple and reassuring video for kids. It explains Ebola in child friendly language and utilizes familiar toys to explain a difficult issue.

PBS (Public Broadcasting System) national TV

“The Effect of Divorce on Children: A Round Table Discussion.” (2007)

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