And So It Begins …


Very often the way we start the school year plays a significant role in how the rest of the year works out. Classroom teachers have long known that the early establishment of rules, expectations, and procedures will go a long way toward producing a more successful school year in terms of learning and student maturity. This idea has equal importance for establishing an effective “home” educational process. Discussions with teachers about the nature of homework, testing schedules, behavioral expectations, and classroom rules and procedures will help you work with your child on a developing your “home/school system”. It’s important to discuss with your children their understanding of classroom expectations, and help them find ways to comfortably adapt to their teacher’s format. Early dialogues among teachers, parents and children will help create the organizational precedents that will continue throughout the school year. Remember, creating and sustaining a good program at the beginning, is a lot more effective than trying to solve problems later.

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